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Specializes in animanga and video game icons but also offers various other themed icons.

::About Crystalis::
* An icon community where ashellia and arianex post up their icons.

* Usually animanga and video gaming themed icons are posted, but themes may vary depending on how we feel ^.^

* Very rarely you may find wallpapers or friends only signs also up for grabs.

* Comments are nice, and we like them =]

* Only myself and Ariane post icons, sorry but that's how it is :)

***Icon Rules***
You may only edit icon bases, no editting of icons that are not bases.
Do not redistribute our icons anywhere else.
Do not claim these icons as yours.
Credit crystalis_icons, or whoever made the icon you are taking (it will be either ashellia or arianex.)

NO direct linking.

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If you would like to affiliate, please leave us a comment and we will get back to you, and we're not even fussy :) Feel free to join if you like our icons (but remember, this community is for me and Ariane to post our icons, so you won't be able to post your own :) Thanks!